Sunday Services in August

Celebrating our churchyards

In this last year of restrictions and “staying local” many have found that they have noticed and appreciated their own surrounding more than before. This seems true of our churchyards as well. We used our churchyards for outdoor carol services and Remembrance Sunday services and are now often ending our services with a hymn sung outside, while some of our churchyards have become a focus for prayers and greetings as well.

This seems like a good time, then, to celebrate our churchyards and all that they offer us, whether that is a place to pause for a moment of peace and quiet, to come to remember a loved one or to enjoy the wildlife and wildflowers. During July and August there will be a special outdoor service (weather permitting!) for each church which will be informal and family-friendly.
Do come along and invite others. There will be activities and a particular focus on the wild-life that also finds a place in these special areas. This is also a time when we can say “thank you” to the individuals and councils who care for our churchyards so well.

Aug 1Nassington 8.15amHoly Communion (PB)
 Nassington 9.30amAll Age Communion
 Thornhaugh 9.30amHoly Communion
 Woodnewton 9.30amHoly Communion
 Yarwell11.00amHoly Communion
Aug 8Nassington  9.30amHoly Communion
 Wansford  9.30amHoly Communion
 Woodnewton  3.00pmOutdoor Churchyard Celebration Service
 Apethorpe11.00amHoly Communion
Aug 15Nassington  9.30amHoly Communion
 Thornhaugh  9.30amHoly Communion
 Woodnewton  9.30amHoly Communion
 Yarwell11.00amHoly Communion
Aug 22Woodnewton  8.30amHoly Communion (PB)
 Nassington  9.30amFamily Service and Crafts
 Wansford 9.30amHoly Communion
 Apethorpe11.00amHoly Communion
Aug 29
Benefice Communion

Rev Jane Tailby continues a service at 5pm each Sunday afternoon on Zoom.  For details in how to join the service, please contact her at with your email address.

If you would like to have a prayer said in church for you please phone Rev. Jane (01780 782271).

In normal times, the pattern of services is as follows:

Apethorpe 11am on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month

Nassington 9.30am every Sunday, with a said Communion Service at 8.15am on the 1st Sunday and Evensong at 6pm on the 4th Sunday.  The Sunday School meets on the 4th Sunday at 9.30am

Thornhaugh 9.30am on 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month

Wansford 9.30am on 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month

Woodnewton 9.30am on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday with a said service at 8.30am on 4th Sunday

Yarwell 11am on 1st, 2nd and 4th Sundays, with a Methodist service at 3pm on 3rd Sunday

There is a Benefice service at 10am on a fifth Sunday.